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Our variety of pleating techniques date back to the 1960s when our business founded by an Italian family known as Italba and taken over by Pamela. Exodus is the 3rd generation to take over the pleating technique and feel honoured to have learned these skill from two highly experienced generations. Now we are taking them to another new level by offering an advanced and perfected pleating service. Choose from a machine pleat  or mushroom pleat on all fabrics of your choice. Call us today to discuss options.

Pleating is a skill mostly used in the textile industry where material is doubled by folding it on itself and secured by either pressing or stitching. These folds make a permanent design in the material which makes for a different, stylish yet simple look.

The technique of pleating is not only used to make pleated clothes, it is also used in making blinds, curtains and sometimes on furniture. Blinds manufacturers have adopted pleating to make blinds with various stylish designs. These pleated designs not only look amazing but the folds make it easier to open them and they tuck into place neatly without leaving unattractive bulges.  A variety of fabrics are used to make these blinds which add texture to any room. Different colours are also used to match any colour scheme or the theme of a room.

When it comes to clothing, pleating has managed to stay relevant and stylish despite the forever changing fashion trends. Pleated skirts have remained popular over the years and pleating techniques have improved to allow designers to pleat using a large variety of materials. From commonly used cotton to softer more delicate fabrics such as silk, pleating can be done. With highly creative designers and skilled seamstresses there is no limit to the number of garments that can be pleated.

Pleating is a highly technical skill, so whatever ever your pleating needs, be it for clothing, blinds or curtains it is always advisable to consult the professionals for a high quality job and finish.   

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